Saturday, November 19, 2016

The European Defense Dilemma

With the rise of the Republican to the Presidency of the U.S. there will be growing demand on the European countries to increase their defense budget. I may disagree on many things that the new U.S. administration may be implementing but I believe on this one I agree with them that Europe should not completely rely on the United States to complete foot their defense bill also. European governments have enjoyed a relative prosperity by outsourcing their defense budgets to the U.S. by not spending enough but it is their responsibility also to see that their countries are adequately protected by sharing in the burden of defense. The European Union is big enough that they can spend enough money to spend on defense equipment and prepare their population to chip in with the money. I know the U.S. will continue to provide defense on the larger scale but the majority of their defense funds would have to come from within Europe. With the threat of major terrorists attacks rising in Europe than in the U.S., Europeans would be forced to spend more money on defense since the U.S. cannot be everywhere and Europe being always suspicious of U.S. spying on their citizens would have to get their own home grown defense in order to meet the rising challenges of attacks. Europe is more vulnerable since their society is more geared towards privacy of their citizens and suspicious of other countries has led them to not share intelligence on continent wide scale. The U.S. should send a clear message to Europe that if they want the U.S. to help them in their defense, Europeans would have to open their wallets wider.

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