Monday, November 7, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016-6

And then there is the talk about how the U.S. will either withdraw from trade deals and how it will withdraw troops from where they are stationed unless the host countries pay for their stay. It is like upending the status quo without any thought to what kind of peril the host countries will be in. Although I agree to some extent that some of the troops should be brought home but it will take time to implement this as it cannot be possibly done overnight not with the threat of war looming everywhere and especially when Russia is asserting itself on the world stage once again. The other threat is to either withdraw from trade deals or negotiate it imperiling hundreds of thousands of jobs. I don’t know if this will be even feasible to start with. If you are going to withdraw from the trade deals, then it should not automatically be expected that jobs will be created in America in higher numbers as the cost of labor is already very high here in the U.S. Another thing that has come up is that the election will be rigged without any substantial evidence to back it up. How it can be rigged when the majority of the polling booths are manned by White people (the so called core constituents of the Republican Party). Unless you start counting votes by yourself there is no chance that you can prove that the election would be rigged. And the majority of the voting has not even started it. So you are already assuming it is rigged so there is no use to vote because your vote would not count anyway, which is a very dangerous assumption. Well the election is tomorrow and I hope sanity prevails. . Appeal: Your donation of 95 cents will help me maintain this site and bring you latest news and movie reviews. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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