Sunday, November 6, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016-2

The Republic nominee has said things that have energized the mostly white angry people who are not happy with their economic situation and have things brewing inside and now have some channel by the way of the Republic nominee. I know there are many minority supporters of the Republic Candidate but mostly it is a white crowd who are against the Democrats and who want change in the way government has been conducted for a long time, whether they will get their wish is something else we will see if he gets elected. But for now the Republican nominee has said things against women, Mexicans, illegal immigrants, Muslims and sometimes black. Okay if people want to hear that thing, let him say those things but specifically he has said some things that have not been scrutinized enough by the media or his supporters. First of all his is slogan of “Make America Great again” then he has said that he will build a wall along the U.S. Mexican border to keep those illegal aliens out of the country, then he has come up with a very stringent Muslim immigrant where there will be extreme vetting before they are allowed to immigrate to the U.S. The top three are the ones which are mostly said out loud. But he has also come up with trade practices which he will mostly negotiate, pulling troops out of several countries or countries where they are stationed pay for it, and to a lower extend admiring dictators for their strict control of the country so there is minimum disruption to the world order. Although people have already make up their minds how and whom they will vote for but the lack of details of the major points as mentioned above is very surprising. Accordingly I would like to discuss the first three namely the slogan Make America Great again, Building a wall and the Immigration issues.

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