Sunday, November 6, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016-5

As I drive through my town I keep seeing this sign called Make America Great Again. I don’t know what it actually means but it is mesmerizing enough that people are falling in love with it, but again nobody dares to question this sign for fear of being called a traitor or other bad words. But my question is what does it mean has anybody for a second thought about what makes America great and at what point in time it was not great and how come now is the time that we should make America Great again. Is it because the first African American President sits in the white house that some people think America is not great or the decline of the American manufacturing that is making people think that if we had a Caucasian President we will reverse all the so called “negative trends” during the past eight years (I am assuming). Do people actually think that they can go magically back to the time when the U.S. was the only Superpower after World War II and actually people were working in manufacturing jobs making decent amount of money, will this ever happen when we are mired in so many conflicts abroad and we are so much in debt (15 trillion and counting not including the obligations we owe due to social security and other mandatory obligations that we have promised our citizens. Is our diversification makes America in decline and will a monogamous population make American Great again. If you talk to people they will have their own version of how to make America great again and will not know at what point in time it was not great so there is no universal time table when America was not great and how will it become great again. Nobody knows this and they are just following it blindly without asking how and why of the specifics.

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