Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Supposedly Great Expectations of the U.S. Elections 2016

As I keep on reading what went so radical that with all the pollster and other predictions, Republican won the elections, you have to see no look further than what has happened to the U.S. heartland where the jobs are slowly evaporating to globalization and decent and well paying middle class manufacturing jobs where people were so proud of working their lives and their offspring use to follow them have all but evaporated. The jobs that are coming by are usually the service sector which does not pay as much and the skills you have already acquired all these years does not count as much. This is the kind of folks that are suffering and although they do sympathize with the refugees and other people fleeing war and poverty, it is their own survival that they are concentrated upon and want the government to do the same. These are the white folks who in the rural and dying towns of the Midwest are the angry people who may have not voted in the past so many elections saw in Republican party their supposedly salvation that somehow the new President would stop this job bleeding and bring back jobs. These people don’t want job training at this time of their age but want to work in manufacturing plants where they be proud of their work and raise families. The bar for this new President has been set so high that anything else will be disastrous to the Republican Party. The voters are concerned about their jobs, illegal (and somewhat legal immigration) is the crux of how people have voted in this election.

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