Saturday, November 12, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016-Analysis

The U.S. has now a new President (elect) and against popular opinion it was not the Democratic nominee who won but the Republican One. Congratulations on a fair and square although a very negative and nasty election. Now the healing starts if it ever would be since the nastiest election ever in my lifetime with racist and sexist remarks going back and forth. But the analysis should not be what was said but what has been achieved. All the polls were saying that the Democrats would win the election easily and even the Congress but in the end the pollsters fail to see that the so called disenfranchised white voters who may not have voted before came out in droves and they gave votes to the candidate whom they believe would be strong enough to lead the country and solve its problems and their problems too. I am still trying to figure out what happened but the news that is coming out is that the Democrats failed to connect to the disenfranchised middle class white folks and failed to capitalize on the Latino and African American votes. They failed to get out to the rural white people and let them know that the Democrats care about them. Even some white folks voted against the Democrats since they did not believe they are credible enough to get a handle of things. Another thing that the Democrats failed to realize is that the vote was as much against the Democrats as it was against the status quo that the Democrats seem to emphasize which is not at all what the voters wanted. The country, Democrats as well as the world is in shock as what happened in this election and there will be soul searching for the next four years. I will be constantly updating the aftermath of this election and what the new President would be doing in terms of running the U.S.

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