Friday, May 13, 2011

The voices of discouragement

You know that when you start something different than what majority are doing be it in work, education or something else, there has and will be always voices of discouragement. It is not that people are sympathetic to you or are concerned about it. It is just that this is the experience they have got and that is what they want to pass it on to the risk taker. But if you see otherwise, a risk taker would always ignore these voices of discouragement and try their luck to be a little different. I have talked to many people and they really don’t want to take much risk and start some business besides what they are doing. I can understand their reluctance since they have mortgages to pay and families to feed. But that is exactly my point that how can you be sure that your job would be secure the next day?

They already have readymade answers like they don’t know which idea to pursue or whether they would need large sums of money to invest in some project. Other thing is the fact that you can go it alone and when you are a little bit stable then you can make their judgment call wrong. And maybe you don’t even have to show something since some people, despite all the evidence to the contrary would hold on to the voices of discouragement and stay in their own little world and not take any risks.

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