Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan-7

During the last 63 years of Pakistan, it has only progressed in the field of nuclear technology and nothing else. But have a nuclear bomb has not ensured its people that their welfare will be lifted. On the contrary, the poverty line has gone down more, there is more shortage of everything, law and order situation has deteriorated, economy has collapsed the world image of Pakistan as a progressive and modern nation capable of handling its economy and its destiny has vanished. The Pakistanis have not been able to create a single world class brand to compete in the world markets. Every time the name of Pakistan comes, it is in the context of some bomb exploding there or some terrorists plot around the world.

Hence we come to the part where OBL was found, I still cannot believe (nor do the rest of the world) that the military and its myriad intelligence agencies were not able to find OBL who was living a mile away from the Military academy in a heavily militarized city. Whatever the Pakistanis now say that they did not know about OBL whereabouts or the Al-Qaeda people are not on its soil would be taken with a grain of salt. A few years ago, I wrote an article for a college paper that the drone attacks were a violation of Pakistan sovereignty, but after checking the facts, I have come to the conclusion that the area where these attacks occur are not actually under very nominal government control and the laws of the government are not applicable there. So there is where my point is, if the government of Pakistan is not able to apply its laws on the tribal areas, what kind of sovereignty it is talking about. If the government is unable to battle militants on its own (although acknowledging the sacrifices of the soldiers and people who have died due to terrorists attack inside their country), somebody would do it for them as witnessed by the OBL takeout.

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