Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan

I am not writing this article to defend Pakistan as it is now almost useless to do so. But to make realistic assumptions so that the world can know what is going on with Pakistan. Although you can write books upon books of what is wrong with that country but here I am going to write about the new developments which has once again led to a focus on the unfortunate country. Now that the U.S. has found OBL right in the midst of Pakistan’s Military Academy, everybody is trying to find out if Pakistan knew about him or was ignorant about it.

Either way they really look stupid that if they are complicit in protecting him then why one should be hiding the World’s Number One wanted man in their country. And if they are ignorant then they must have the worst security and intelligence apparatus of a leading nuclear powered country. Although to be fair, all intelligence agencies have failed in one manner of another in their mission. But Pakistan being shown as one of the best intelligence agencies of the world, it hardly seems a shining moment in their long unfortunate history. Whether one believes that OBL was found in Pakistan or if he is still alive, the matter of the fact is that, the U.S. forces came all the way from Afghanistan, stayed in the country for approximately forty minutes and then returned to their bases safely without ever in the position of engaging with the Pakistani Armed Forces.

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