Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan-6

The military and by its extension, the people of Pakistan are overly obsessed with India and this obsession has overtaken every other issue they have. The Kashmir region divided between India and Pakistan since 1947 has been the pivotal point of conflict between the two nuclear armed nations. While India may or may not gain much by the breakup of Pakistan but I believe that India has much higher aspirations as a global power to wish Pakistan into several pieces rather than one entity. The people of Pakistan have been suffering since their independence with chronic shortages of energy and water and a huge population explosion in an area less than the size of the state of Alaska.

Then the people there have another grievance of not being able to trust anybody including the U.S. although the U.S. has been spending billions of dollars each year but the people there still hate the Americans and wish us to go away. I think that we should not walk away from that region but spending billions of dollars without showing anything in the improvement in the lives of the people is a waste of money and effort. Despite spending billions, the hatred of America has grown not lowered and this may be due to various so called Islamic parties and the bureaucracy. This hatred has hindered the progress of Pakistan and they have become a bunch of paranoid people thinking that every nation is after them for the nuclear assets and their geography.

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