Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Great Mississippi River Floods of 2011

I have been following off and on the flood that is devastating the several towns and cities and also states that lay in the path of Mississippi River and it is truly heart breaking to know that there is no end to the solution except hard choices to destroy one part of the state in order to save another. These people whose houses, land and farms have been destroyed by the flood are not the richest folks in America or in their states. They are just ordinary folks living their average middle class lives whose whole lives have now been upended by this flood. They have nowhere to go except shelters where they are lodged in with whatever belongings they can carry with them.

Rivers are nice to look at, have picnic and maybe a house but when the same river gets more than enough rain, it can be a raging monster, uncontrollable and unpredictable. The same thing has happened in New Jersey earlier this year, where peoples’ houses have been destroyed when flood water hit the Passaic River. Although no amount of contingency can be enough if you are suddenly caught up in river tide, but common sense demands that people should have a backup plan in case when such thing ever occurs. And the habit of us Americans to live near the water, buy expensive houses should be made with floods in mind, because only one flood can destroy your dream house in a day what you have spent your entire lives building your memories in it.

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