Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan-2

I really don’t understand how OBL can live for so many years in a highly militarized area near a Military academy with 3 full regiments of troops and some 5,000 to 6,000 soldiers in the area and did not get detected. Also his house was more than 8 times the size of a normal house for the area. Were the inhabitants or neighbors not curious as to what is going on in the house? Whose name were the uliity bills coming to? How come the military with all the denials about OBL living amongst them and not in cave or outside the country accept its mistake? The most important thing by reading the Pakistani newspapers were not the fact that OBL was living among them but how easy was it for the American Navy Seals to come all the way from Afghanistan conduct the operation and leave without being challenged by the Pakistani Armed Forces.

Even though people would remain skeptical about the circumstances surrounding the death of OBL or for that matter even he was alive, they are more insecure about how their Armed Forces were not able to challenge their U.S. Although the government is standing firm behind their military but it is just a charade to assume that people are now skeptical about the ability of their military to secure their borders. An inquiry is now being constituted headed by a three star general to investigate how the U.S. Military came and did the operation and left without being challenged and whether some heads should roll in its awake.

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