Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Junk mail

If you are like most Americans, you may have received Junk mail on a regular basis. I really hate that kind of junk mail since on the computer that you can just hit the delete button or it filters unsolicited mail to your junk box, but there is no way to do that when you get physical mail. You have to sort all the mail to find out which is junk and which is important. Now there is another trick that the junk mailers use which states that important mail or time sensitive mail and you feel like it is really important, just to open it and find out it is not. Then you have to make sure that important information is discarded properly before you through away the junk mail.

One of the things that is also common is they say on the address so and so name or current resident to make sure their mail is reached properly. Another tactic is by credit card companies is to send us unwanted solicitation. I don’t really understand this because if I have declined one invitation to apply for a credit card, the solicitation should stop forever, since if I need one, I will apply myself, no need to approach me in this regard. Right now my procedure is to rip apart the junk mail and just throw it away in the garbage. There is nothing more I can do except to call each one individually and request them to stop their junk mail but it would be too time consuming and I fear that if you stop one kind of junk mail, you will another kind, so you are on the losing end of this battle.

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