Friday, May 13, 2011

The spotlight on Pakistan

The first of the revenge bombings for OBL went off yesterday in Northwest Pakistan killing at least 80 paramilitary recruits just finished training. Further information is that the Taliban has said that more bombings will occur targeting the Pakistani and American interests. It is really sad that the Taliban are killing their own in order to avenge a person who has been killing people for a long time. News is that the Pakistan Army is not willing to take up the American request to take on their nurtured Taliban in the tribal areas. It says that the generals have become more Anti-American in their stance after the OBL raid and don’t want to toe the American line any longer.

There is so much anti-Americanism in Pakistan that even destroying their own country just to prove a point is becoming increasingly an option. Most of the politicians think that if America left Afghanistan and Pakistan, they will be fine and everything will become peaceful. But what about the Taliban, would they stop their bombing campaign, of killing other Muslims just because they do not adhere to their own brand of fanaticism. How will the Pakistanis replace the billions given by the U.S. Would the Chinese and the Saudi replace the three billion dollars given annually to Pakistan. I don’t really understand what is the purpose of giving billions of dollars when it is being used to stir up Anti-Americanism.

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