Friday, May 13, 2011

The spotlight on Pakistan-2

Now this is the main problem, no one except the U.S. would give Pakistan so much money in the first place. The U.S. gives it for its own specific purpose and to make sure the country does not fall apart. The Saudis and the Chinese much less care if it does or not, otherwise the way the Pakistanis try to triumph their relationships with those two countries would have made them go to them in the first place. But again, the problems come down to what the elected representatives want. They are maybe elected but all thrive on the Anti American agenda without trying to find out what their foreign and security policy is .Everybody tries to pass the buck to the Military to take the initiative.

The more aid we give them, the more hard decisions regarding their economy is pushed to the back of the priorities they should be tackling. Blaming everything on America while avoiding the real problems confronting that country is the favorite hobby of the overwhelming majority of the Pakistanis. Even when faced with the enemy within nurtured by their own security apparatus, they keep on going on their self destructive part. I just wish for once the whole world should leave Pakistan alone and see from a distance how they confront their problems. Pakistan has never grown up to face the problem of a nation and it is now time to face the music and start tackling their own problems for once on their own.

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