Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan-5

And that is the crux of the problem- The military which has ruled for almost 30 years and have been involved in every major security and foreign policy matters ever since Pakistan became independent in 1947. There are very few people who question the military budget and even the politicians try to get the Military’s approval in matters relating to security or foreign policy. Since all the institutions that matter have been destroyed by corruption, nepotism, the military remains the best financed and merit based institution in the country. But due to the long rule of the military rule, corruption has also seeped into the military but not on the scale of the overall society.

It is this blind faith that the military can do no wrong and they know the best about the country that has led to major disasters in the country. Although the military is well organized and have the resources but to giving it immunity to do anything and believing they are more patriotic than civilians have led it the current situation. Then the constant obsession with India has led the country to ruin and the economy has never grown as compared to other countries with similar population. Everything that is done in Pakistan relates to India and this unhealthy obsession has made the economy hostage to the wimps of the military.

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