Friday, May 13, 2011

The complexities of Pakistan-3

But Pakistan being Pakistan, I don’t believe that any heads would roll in the wake of the operation to get OBL since there is no tradition or culture of accepting guilt or resignations. The buck is always passed along and then everybody puts their head in the sand and life goes on as if nothing has happened. But maybe this time it won’t happen since Pakis are hurt too much to let this thing go away like that. But again nobody would accept it is their fault since it will be mean again that either they were supporting OBL or just plain incompetent to notice his presence. Since the truth would never be told about that day, conspiracy theories would abound and remain so forever.

The situation in Pakistan is more complex than people can imagine since the government does not even have control over the whole country. Very few people pay taxes, energy and water crisis are always there and law is not applied equally to everybody. On top of this, a low level long running separatist insurgency has been going on in the largest (area wise) province of Baluchistan whose inhabitants have been discriminated against for a long time. In the same situation, the people in Punjab the biggest province (population wise) do not see the Baluchistan situation as been serious enough to pressurize their government to do something about it. To them the situation in Baluchistan is like a distant land. The same is happening in the Northern Part of the Country where a full blown so called Islamic insurgency is going on.

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