Monday, May 16, 2011

The spotlight on Pakistan-3

Despite all the evidence on the contrary and the reportedly admitted failure of Pakistan’s security apparatus to detect OBL amongst their midst and their inability to defend their territorial borders, Pakistan Parliament has condemned the intrusion of the U.S. forces infringement upon their borders and killing of OBL without informing them ahead. There is no mention why the most wanted person was in Pakistan as an illegal immigrant and why was he hiding in Pakistan in the first place, who was providing him support and why the security apparatus was asleep in their work. If you see Pakistan’s newspapers, it is full of OBL praise and giving him the title of Martyr and giving prayers in this name, meanwhile ignoring the fact that his ideology killed thousands of people of his own religion.

Pakistani government along with its people are still crying over violation of their border controls while at the same time being quite about how many of the militants from different countries have in their country fighting them and destroying whatever credibility the Pakistanis have left remaining in the world. I have no idea how long will the Pakistanis remain in the state of denial and how long will they tolerate militant groups to operate from their country. Unless the world gets together including Pakistan’s close friends to give some tough love and dose of reality to the Pakistanis, I fear that the most perilous of all the nuclear powers would continue in its path to ruin.

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