Friday, June 24, 2011

Separating truth from lies

It is now harder than ever to separate truth from lies, especially on the internet. Anybody can spread rumors about it and then you have to scramble to make sure the damage is controlled. Sometimes people spread false information about somebody and then your reputation is ruined. Also putting up false information is much easier since you can plant that persons picture through photo editing software and insert somebody’s picture on it. Similarly fake news is implanted to damage the opponents’ reputation. Some times the person implanting the story is sued by some people for damages to their reputation. Sometimes what seems like unbelievable news initially turns out to be the truth which was supposed to come out at an appropriate time.

My point is that unless you do your due diligence regarding some news, you may find it harder to separate what is the truth and what is simple old lie. Some lies are so carefully planted that despite the best efforts of the people putting it out is not discovered until that lie is exposed by some obscure source or the person implanting the news comes out to say that it is not true. Case in point is the supposed female gay blogger in Syria who fooled everybody by posting his blogs on the daily events in Syria while he (she) was in the U.K. and nobody suspected it until he (she) came out by himself to say that it was a fabrication of what was supposedly happening in Syria. There are many stories like this out there and you have to be duly carefully whom to believe and what to believe before you gave your own conclusive judgment and opinion on the subject matter.

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