Saturday, June 4, 2011

All hope is lost-2

The near pathological obsession with India has made Pakistan standstill in time while the world moves on. People around the world are very sick and tired of hearing about how much sacrifices Pakistan is making in the war against terror and how many terrorists they have captured or killed. But the question begs why all these terrorists in Pakistan are in the first place and does not Pakistan have control over its borders. Nobody asks these people visas, how they are coming there, who is getting trained within their country. Instead of bettering the lot of their people with, they blame everything on foreign hand. They don’t really see the poverty, the inadequate water, energy, education and health facilities. All they see is that it is India and the U.S. which is holding them back to their path to universal glory.

Even the recent attack on a naval base is being attributed to India/Israel/America, while the Taliban have already claimed responsibility and promising more such attacks. It can really be a height of incompetency that even after the Taliban accepts the responsibility; the people keep on insisting on blaming the American/Indian/Israeli Collision to take control of their nukes. If the blamed is really on outside the country forces then instead of making their security better, their security is the worst of any nuclear powered nation. Their intelligence has become the joke of the world since they were unable to see the OBL was living right under a military academy.

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