Friday, June 24, 2011

The GPS- Advantages and Disadvantages

The GPS- Global Positioning System has certainly made my life easier in that I don’t have to print copies from the internet in order to go somewhere. I just have to input the address of the place where I am going to and the rest GPS takes care of it. But sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it does not. Sometimes when I want to take a turn and it is still thinking about if I should then that turn is not taking, the turn is lost and I have to go back again to get the right turn. Sometimes when it has already given me the right directions, it stops in between to have the roads mapped again and it gives directions (momentarily) that do not make sense but then it comes back again to the right path.

Since it is based on satellite tracking systems, sometimes it misses the road or gives us the wrong direction. It also goes out of order when going under the tunnel since it loses its satellite signal during that time. But despite all its shortcomings, it is very indispensable to be since it does give you accurate description to the place where you are supposed to go. Depending upon which company GPS you have, it can give you street names or just plain right and left turn, mileage you have until your next exit and others points of interest (like shopping, dining, travel, shopping, gas stations, hospitals etc) , favorites (which is like the storing where you want to go most of the time ) and other destinations. I guess I would be lost without it if I have to go to an unknown place.

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