Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do you favor a cut?-2

And what happened to my freedom of religion if I choose to follow that path. Why do people become so involved in other people lives? If you don’t like it than don’t do it, why impose your ideas and opinions on other people. It may just make people leave that place if it interferes with their believes and values. What next will come out of San Francisco is anybody’s guess but this referendum is just one of the wasteful efforts on part of some people who cannot do anything else to make a world a better place then to go after circumcision. There is huge scientific evidence in favor of circumcision and this has been going on since thousands of years without people being bothered by it. I have not heard anybody saying that he regrets being circumcised since it violates his human rights.

By this measure you can say that imposing limits on toddlers and curfews on teenagers regarding some things also infringe on the basic rights of those individuals. And it can go on and on and how are they suppose to implement this law. Are they going to send cops to hospitals and homes where male babies are born to make sure that they are not circumcised? How long will they be monitoring these people, all 17 years of their lives to make sure they are not circumcised? And will they stop people from leaving the city if a baby is born there to get it circumcised elsewhere and will the city check the circumcision of the babies when they coming in the city to make sure the babies born there are not circumcised elsewhere. There are many issues with this law which should have been discussed and cooler heads should have prevailed in order to drop this useless law.

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