Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do we all make deliberate mistakes?

So this is the main question, there can be mistakes and then there are blunders which are bigger mistakes but what about knowing the consequences of a thing way in advance and still do it despite the risk inherent in being caught or suffer some physical or financial loss. I am talking about one of our representative sending suggestive text messages about him and then claiming innocence knowing well in advance that it is no use hiding behind lies. I believe that it was a deliberate mistake and consequences were known in advance and still it was done. Now we cannot say it that it is a medical problem that every time this happens, people rush to go to rehab. How about self control in the first place.

I don’t believe for a minute that a human being is so helpless that knowing the adverse consequences of an action will still prompt that person to behave in such a way that is detriment to his family , career or to his life and keep on blaming it on some vague “other” entity. It does not hurt only him, but his family, friends’ even unknown people who have come to know through newspapers. It is a shame that such a talent is wasted on such a few minutes or even a few hours of pleasure. And to keep on doing it with multiple people and then feel remorse when caught is hardly a human error. It is deliberate and intentional and there is no excuse whatsoever for it. We all make mistakes and get forgotten but deliberate mistakes can be just intentional in the first place and are not mistakes.

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