Friday, June 24, 2011

The intimate tapes we make

This is one thing I don’t get it. Why do people make intimate tapes of themselves when they know that it may sometimes explode in their faces and come out in the public? I have been seeing increasing number of people being exposed due to what they did in their bedrooms coming out in the public through videotapes. Sometimes these same tapes have made them famous but initially they were very upset about the tapes coming out in the first place. I have no idea behind the psychology of making such tapes. Maybe they want to watch it next time in the privacy of their homes or just want to have some secret fetish, but mostly I suspect that the people filming themselves like this know perfectly well that they will be discovered and there is some adventure to it being discovered and being naughty and getting caught.

Whatever the reason behind it, the general public seems to clamor more of it since it involves some famous public figures and the people can be voyeuristic in this sense. And now with more and more tapes come out like this, the stigma attached with it has been reduced somewhat and it has started to get accepted by the general public. But still I believe ( I may be wrong on this), most of the general public don’t want others to watch what they are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms lest it is discovered and cast a negative light on them and their children.

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