Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Canada

This past Memorial Day we decided to take a trip to our neighbor to the north, Canada. Although we had the trip made in advance to attend a convention/conference, we were still trying to decide to start at night or in the morning. But later on the weather changed our minds and we decided it is best to take a rest and then go out in the morning at around six. Since I live in New Jersey, the trip was going to take almost 8 and half hours (not including the stopover in rest stops and the border crossing and traffic time). We had decided that I will drive half the time and then my wife will do the same but it did not end that way and out of 495 miles, she drove 129 miles and the rest I was driving (which by the way I love to drive).

As usual the packing was this time easier as we just had to pack one bag and put it in the back of our SUV and some snacks and water and other carry over bags and then we were off. Since we had not taken our breakfast, we had to stop at a donut shop in Pennsylvania to get our coffee and donuts and croissants. Driving to Canada was not bad at all, although my wife felt considerable discomfort sitting in one position for the whole time. We went through Pennsylvania and then to New York and came to the international border crossing between Canada and the United States.

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