Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Canada-2

At the border crossing, there was a little bit of waiting time since our turn came and after getting rudimentary information for approximately 4-5 minutes, we were allowed to enter Canada. It would be another one hour or so before we reached our hotel. We had almost hit the rush hour time and there was indeed a lot of traffic but apart from some change from the United States like from miles to Kilometers and from Fahrenheit to centigrade, there was not that much difference that I noticed in Canada. After reaching our hotel, we took out luggage and proceeded to the check in desk and after receiving our keys, we went straight to our room. It was a suite with one room with King Size bed and one living room with a sofa cum bed.

Since we were attending a conference, we proceeded to hear what the participants had to say about the topics to be discussed. We then went to out to eat at Popeye’s and then the next day we went early in the morning to McDonalds to get our breakfast. At Popeye’s, they converted our US dollars into Canadians but at McDonalds, they took our US Dollars as is. It was cold in Canada as compared to when we left in New Jersey, so the jackets which we took came in quite handy. I saw lot of empty spaces with signs to sale and buildings coming up. Gas prices are expensive in Canada and they are quoted in Liters as compared to the gallons that we are used to here in the U.S.

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