Saturday, June 4, 2011

All hope is lost-3

The Pakistani nation continues to live in denial and that suits them just fine, since it is easier to blame others for your ills then the fix them yourself. I have lost all hope that the mindset of the Paki people will ever change since I have been following them for a long time. They are obsessed with xenophobia and paranoid thoughts about their nukes which have not given them any security or edge against India. Only they think that the world is out to destroy them, like the world has nothing else to do then to deal with four Pakistan. The world wants to keep one Pakistan so that they can deal with it more easily then fragmented pieces. It is only in the Paki mind that have made them destroy their own country or going towards that path.

In its 63 years of independence (or you can say from 1971 after the original Pakistan broken into two), the Pakis have been obsessed with security and more paranoid than any other country and that has stopped all development in that country. There is not a single world class brand that has been developed there. Even their so called friends worry about their behavior and want to contain the spread of it. Every time a major terrorist event happens anywhere in the world, it has been tracked to Pakistan. Why can’t the Pakis see it in black and white and do something about it. But as long as we keep on giving them aid, they will keep on blaming us for their problems. Now is the time to not engage with Pakistan but contain the effects of its ills from spreading to other countries. It is not time for Containment.

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