Saturday, June 18, 2011

Connecting to the past

Whenever I want to listen to music, I try to go to the internet and get my favorite yesteryears music on it. Be it rock, heavy metal or any other songs that I remembered I used to listen on television or radio long time ago, I just go to the internet and listen it. It is so cool to connect this way to your past. Also that is this part of nostalgia that people keep in themselves and try to see what it was like to be when they were young or little. That is why the popularity or pictures or videos that we see even after so many years.

When I see some pictures of myself or of my family it just reminds of that time when we were all together in one place and life was easy. My Father also use to reminiscent about old times, especially the time when he was young in school and my grandfather was alive and there were no worries. Now I do the same thing since my father is not alive, I see his pictures and sometimes I cry that it was so much to be around him and just his presence was so reassuring to me. Every little thing you have in your house has a connection to the past that you have gone through and that is why it is hard for some folks to get rid of the items since it reminds them of their loved ones or a moment in their life which they had captured in order to preserve it for future generations.To me connecting to your past is very important since it gives you sense of what you have enjoyed or what you may have missed otherwise if you had not done that thing.

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