Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do you favor a cut?

I really like San Francisco, I have been there once like maybe 15 years ago and I went to the great Stanford University and also went to Palo Alto where it was located and also Sausalito a small picturesque town near San Francisco. I did not travel on their world famous trams but I saw them going up and down the hill. It has nice weather and major things happen there before it starts to happen in the rest of America or just stay there due to its more liberal and tolerable attitude. I saw the movie Milk starring Sean Penn and this gay right movement also happened in San Francisco. Then there was a plastic bag ban which did not catch up to the rest of America and now we have an anti circumcision vote coming up which will outlaw circumcision to anyone under the age of 18 regardless of any exception or exemption.

I really don’t understand why some minority wants to intrude on somebody else’s right to do what they want with their babies’ foreskin. The proponents’ point is that it is barbaric and it hurts the individual’s right to choose. If I am trying to do that am I harming somebody else besides my own baby? Sometimes the parents knows best about what is good for their baby and if somebody wants to do circumcision, the parent can go to another city and do it, I don’t need anybody’s especially the government’s permission to see how I am going to raise my baby. If it is religious obligation then it is infringing on my freedom of exercising my religion.

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