Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Hitler Phenomenon

Despite the passage of a considerable period of time (72 years to be exact), the fascination with Hitler or the ideals for which he stood for is still alive and well and have even been enhanced in some parts of the world. The white nationalist movement already claims him as their leader in more ways than one and even the people whose ancestors were annihilated by this invading army have embraced him not knowing their own history. Even people whom he would have loathed to be even breathing air in the same place knowingly or unknowingly become fascinated by him and do stuff in places that they are not supposed to do. A few months ago, a Chinese man was arrested in Germany because he gave a Hitler salute for a photo, apparently out of ignorance or just to capture a moment, he forgot to check the laws of Germany where anything related to Hitler and his ideas are banned. Another guy was punched when he gave a Hitler salute somewhere else. Some White people in countries who had suffered at the hands of Hitler invading armies in Poland, Eastern Europe, Russia have made Hitler their ideal just because he supposedly stood for the white people but which in fact he wanted to subjugate even white people who did not follow his command. People need to read the history before committing themselves to or admiring a person known internationally as being the killer of millions of human beings.

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