Thursday, November 23, 2017

The kneeling Controversy

Lately there have been lots of controversies regarding the kneeling of athletes during the United States national anthem to highlight the social injustices that are mostly endured by African Americans. The kneeling has been going on with now dwindling number of athletes doing it and it has angered many white folks who either don’t approve of it or are bothered by the fact that it has become a distraction of the whole purpose of enjoying the game that they were looking forward to. Even the President has also jumped into the controversy calling for the firing of the athletes who disrespect the flag of the United States and the country. Now it has become a racial divide as whites are against the kneeling while African Americans are for it somewhat. I keep on saying African Americans since there are so few Asians and Hispanics sometimes fall into the category of white and non white so the players who have been kneeling have been overwhelmingly African Americans. Although I as a neutral observer of what is going on believes in the free speech of the players to highlight social injustices but there is a forum and place for everything and I don’t think that a stadium can be that place. You can still stand for the national anthem and fight for racial equality and protest racial injustices but the player ready to provide their loyal fans with a competitive game should do it outside the stadium. As this kneeling controversy has not have the intended reaction that the players who were kneeling were expecting, and I believe it has done the opposite by harming their cause as most people are seeing it as disrespecting the flag and country for which many people have fought for. People should fight the system in which they are working and not the flag as it has anything to do with what the country is all about. And as I said before, there is a time and place for everything and the stadium was not the place to do it.

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