Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Kurdish vote for Independence

As the war against the Islamist terrorist organization ISIS winds down, the Kurdish in their bid to cash on their goodwill with the United States thought that this might be the right time to vote for independence. And despite the opposition from United States and almost every other country including with sizeable Kurdish populations of their own like Iran and turkey and Syria (except for Israel for reasons of their own, decided to go ahead and have a referendum for seceding from Iraq and create their own homeland which they never had. Very bad idea and wrong timing were the main culprits. What got into the head of the Kurdish political leaders that with the United States backing they will be able to pull off this independence without a hitch? Although a long standing dream of the Kurdish people as they have been waiting for a nearly a hundred years for the own homeland, it is not as simple as they thought it would be. Even if the Kurds thought that with the backing of the United States which used them to defeat ISIS, the forces against them were already stacked. Turkey, Iran and Syria would never agree to Kurd State. Iraq where this referendum started despite being in turmoil would not be in any mood to divide their country. You see nobody wants to divide their country and it was naïve on the part of the Kurds to believe that by having just a vote on independence they will be able to create their homeland which would have been landlocked and their oil pipeline on which they would have gotten their revenue goes through Turkey which would have shut down the pipeline immediately.

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