Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Kurdish vote for Independence-2

Furthermore the Kurds would have no military to defend their borders which are for now not clearly defined. And as soon as the independence vote was declared a success, the Iraqi initially warned the Kurds to rescind the vote and then swiftly send its armed forces and militias to get control of federal areas and Kurds swiftly withdrew their militias without engaging the Iraqi federal forces as the United States and the West looked the other way. And Israeli decision to back the Independence of Kurds for reason of its own (primarily I presume as a buffer between itself and other Israel hating countries) was not a very wise decision as it exposed the Kurds to accusations that they are backed by Israeli money. I am also baffled by how the Kurds Political establishment fooled their own people to believe that independence would be that easy. There have been reports also of infighting among the two main Kurds political parties which led to this disastrous decision. The Kurds had already great autonomy in running their part of the Iraqi land and everything was going on smoothly until this Independence vote. Their victories in the battlefield got into their heads that they can claim for independence and all the other neighboring countries with problems of their own would ignore it and leave them alone. Somebody really botched or I should screw up this whole independence bid. There should have been incremental pressure for the buildup of their desire to have their own homeland and convincing other hostile nations to support their bid. Now it will take a longer time to realize their dream.

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