Monday, November 20, 2017

A New Feature

Actually it is not a new feature but an extension of my blog. Since I can only post so much and have opinions on only so many things, I have decided to open my blog to other people’s opinions. It will work like this; anybody can send me a blog post, be it an opinion on a movie, some travel site, not happy about something or anything which comes to your mind and you have an opinion on it. You will send it with your full name to the email address and I will after checking the post to make sure it does not contain any profanity or discriminatory post against any ethnic group or race, religion, since I want to keep my blog free from any hatred and violent content. And after that I will post it and at the end of the post will write “submitted by”. Please specify if you want me to use submitted by anonymous or the first initials of your first and last name (but your full name must be mentioned in your email which should be a legitimate email address). You can send me anything which does is not plagiarized from other sites and any pictures and videos which are not in violation of any copyright. I will download on my computer and then upload on All you posts and pictures and videos will be stored on my computer so you don’t need to worry about any privacy issues. As it I am starting this now, please be patient with me as I will have to read the post and then upload it so there maybe some lag time initially, until such time the posts becomes big enough that I may make enough money to hire someone to do this with me. I hope you will send me as much posts as possible in order to grow this blog and open it furthermore.

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