Sunday, November 12, 2017

Is seeing really believing?-2

Then there a ready army of people who are busy debunking stories that are in the bible like they have nothing else to do with their time. The lost ark of Noah, was it ever made and where it landed ultimately, the parting of the red sea, did it really happen and where is the scientific evidence, the story of Lot, the walking on water of Jesus Christ, people who were not there and trying to justify their theories as if they have to see in order to believe and I am afraid, even if they see it, they will not let go of their long held preconceived theories since it will shatter whatever life they have revolving around those theories and beliefs. I, for one do not have the time or do not adhere to such conspiracy theories since either I was not there in the first place and second there are some things you really have to believe even if you have not seen it or were born after that event happened. But the interesting point is that I have not come across conspiracy theories regarding hurricane sandy, Harvey, Irma, Maria to name a few. If conspiracy theorists are consistent then the above hurricane should always have their own league of conspiracy or maybe I have not come across one loud enough to warrant my attention. These people who chose to obviously question or provide alternative ideas of what really happened to a event shows me that there are people out there who have the money or are supported by rich people who are themselves part of this fringe groups. Anyway if there are more outlandish conspiracy theories that are created overnight, I will surely write about them.

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