Friday, November 24, 2017

Cases of Sexual harassment keep piling up

Since the first allegations surfaced, more and more women (and men) have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment that they endured decades ago accusing mostly celebrities of taking advantage of their vulnerabilities and the power that the suspected sexual predators held over them. Some have acknowledged while most of them have denied it very strongly but nonetheless more and more women are coming forward and it becomes hard to deny every allegations which happened decades ago. A surprising list of who’s who in the world of entertainment and other areas are being dragged into this mess which seems to suggest that (mostly) women are not going to take this sexual harassment anymore and they are going to fight back even if occurred decades ago. Right now it is limited to celebrities because that is what sells news but I really wonder how many ordinary women would want to go after ordinary men with whom they have no hope of receiving any attention from sympathetic quarters as I am sure there may be millions of cases out there where ordinary women are suffering in silence for the unwanted sexual harassment they may have in the past or are enduring now in the present. Now I just read that in the airline industry, sexual harassment is pervasive but people don’t come out since they need their jobs and also it seems normal. I am not the right person to highlight sexual harassment in the workplace or any place for that matter so I encourage everybody who have stories to tell but were afraid to speak out to email me at and I will upload it on this blog with only the initials of your name or even stating submitted anonymously so that your voices can be heard and this type of behavior is lessened if not stopped completely. Please include in the subject of the email, the title of your post.

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