Sunday, November 12, 2017

Is seeing really believing?

Conspiracy theories abound and there is surprisingly good number of people believing in them. There is a whole market out there who believes in these sometimes good and sometimes absurd theories to fit their world view. Some are borderline hilarious and some are hurtful to some people but nonetheless, they have an audience of which cannot be denied their existence. If a person does not happen to be in a certain place and they are suspicious about the news coming out of some authority, they would go out of their way to debunk that news even if it happens in front of their faces. I can just give you some examples to illustrate my point (which I have also done in my blog before but these are really the latest addition to the conspiracy theories vault). Besides the one where the lone gunman killed more than 20 elementary school kids, now there is a new breed of conspiracy theorists who believe that the world is flat, the Las Vegas Massacre did not occur as they were crisis actors and the world is flat. Curiously I have not come across any conspiracy theory regarding the non happening of the Hurricane Harvey to hit Houston and Florida or the Hurricane Maria which hit badly the Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico. Why is this, I have no clue about how the conspiracy theorists believe one and do not believe the other one. Another one is the about 9/11 despite many years, it still is a mystery for some people who believe in different versions of non existence or coincidental events to make their case. Recently the files on JFK killing was released but it did not rest the case for some conspiracy theorists and they still have wild guesses of who killed John F. Kennedy.

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