Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Afghan Conflict visited again

Lately there has been increased activity in the number of attacks by the Taliban and the Islamic State (IS) against the coalition and Afghan forces in Afghanistan. Since the new U.S. administration came in, their policy is becoming more hard line against the forces opposing the Afghan government including Pakistan. Some estimated 3000 more forces are being sent to Afghanistan to bolster the forces there amid the increasing anger aimed at Pakistan which according to the United States has failed to control forces of Taliban based there to halt the attacks. Although Pakistan says that it is doing all it can to control its borders and says that its influence with the Taliban leaderships is not as much but the U.S. does not seem to buying that for now at least (if ever). The thing that I don’t understand that why the Candidate Trump who wanted to pull of the forces from Afghanistan has now decided that it wants to send more to that area with no end in sight on their tour of duty. It seems that America’s longest war is becoming more longer and there seems to be no solution in sight. Pakistan’s complicity in this situation cannot be denied but to blame entirely this continuing conflict on them is not fair as Taliban and IS has become increasingly brazen in conducting suicide attacks. I don’t think that both sides of the conflict are willing to sit down and reach a negotiated settlement and it is the innocent people in this conflict who are being targeted. A steady drawdown of foreign forces should be the most desirable situation and security handed over to the Afghan forces which must have been trained by now to defend their country. But by the looks of what the Afghan forces would do without the foreign forces, the signs are not encouraging. And so the conflict goes on. NOTE: Now you can submit your posts at and I can upload it on this blog

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