Sunday, October 29, 2017

Electric vs. Gas powered vehicles

I will say this upfront that I am not a big fan or even a fan of electric cars which have now become the darling of the car industry and becoming popular enough that one country has decided to go all out for the electric cars with another one not much behind in order to reduce the so called carbon efforts released in the air. My concerns are although very premature early in the advent of electric cars is the scarcity of charging stations, there are not enough or even very few charging stations along the route that I travel and even if I travel far I have not seen that much. Furthermore the time it takes to charge a car takes anywhere between one and one half hour (I may be wrong or off by some minutes) as compared to gasoline cars which takes five minutes to fill up. As you all know time is money, so what do you do when you will be charging your car? I have not seen any gas stations being a hangout area and there is no example of what charging stations would look like. In case of gas powered powers, you can fill to whatever amount you want to fill, how about the charging stations, would you be able to fill to a certain amount. Also electric cars are now expensive as compared to gas powered and even putting in the tax breaks you get when you buy one (in the U.S. I mean) they are still more expensive. Unless there are no gas powered cars produced and it becomes mandatory to buy an electric car, I don’t see myself driving one in my lifetime.

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