Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Qatar-Arab Conflict-2

After stating their demands, the four Arab nations have now said that it is okay if Qatar does not close down Al-Jazeera network and does not expel the supposed terrorists in their country but the boycotting nations still insist that Qatar must accept their demands otherwise more sanctions will be imposed. Now let us breakdown what is going on, the Al-Jazeera network is a problem with other countries because it shows stuff that other nations don’t want their citizens to know, so it is a problem with the authoritative regimes. The decision of Qatar to host members of some organizations is also an issue which is not receptive to the boycotting countries. Downgrading or completing breaking away from Iran is another issue since Qatar shares a gas field with Iran so it is may not be feasible unless Qatar sells the gas field to Iran and then break off relations (just my speculation). The most intriguing objection is the closing down of Turkish military base. Turkey, despite objects from the four Arab nations has been building and moving troops to Qatar military base and it is not to the liking of Saudi Arabia and its boycotting allies. I don’t know why that is since Qatar also hosts the biggest U.S. Military base in the Gulf. Why do they only insist on closing down the Turkish base but not the other foreign bases in the country? Although Qatar, reportedly the wealthiest country in the world with substantial foreign exchange reserves, can withstand the embargo and sanctions imposed on it but it is debatable whether it will be able to withstand long term. As of this writing, the standoff still continues.

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