Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Massacre in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago a supposedly mad man decided to initiate the worst mass murder in modern U.S. history by killing 58 people and injuring hundreds (I know I am late to the news). The events started when over thirty thousand fans jam packed an open air stadium for a country music festival and the mad man used his high powered weaponry to kill 58 people and injuring hundreds from his 32nd story window, ultimately killing himself when police approached his room in a hotel. Apparently after more than three weeks, there is still no motive found for his behavior. Some people think he is a mad man who did the unthinkable but I don’t think a mad man would install cameras in and outside his room to know who will be nearby his room. Reportedly he bought half a dozen weapons under the noses of the hotel staff to carry out his carnage. He also cannot be a mad man to make a fool out of every hotel staff member and carry out his evil act. Despite the Islamic extremist group assertion claim without providing any evidence that the killer and converted to Islam few months ago and was their soldier, the investigators have failed to find any link whatsoever. This massacre has again reignited debate about how easy is to get guns in the United States and issues about gun control (another post in the future I will write about). I felt so sorry to hear about the loss and there are no words to describe how it would have been at the time of the killings. But some people who thrive on conspiracy theories are at it again believe that the massacre never happened. To each his own, but for the people and their families who have been directly affected by it, it will be hard to imagine how their lives would would go on.

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