Sunday, October 22, 2017

On the lighter side-Travel-Intercourse, Pennsylvania-2

Since it was a beautiful day to be outside, the parking lot was already getting full by the time we reached there around on o’clock. I was so happy to find the place that I visited almost nine years ago, and although I do not remember some of the stores there, but I found some from whom I bought stuff before. Since we forget to buy water from pharmacy, the first thing we did was to go to an outside stand which was selling water, lemonade and other liquid items. My sister decided to get lemonade to quench her thirst. Since I did not get my coffee in the morning, I went to a local coffee shop and ordered a small French vanilla latte coffee and it was really delicious. We went to a nearby Amish store which sold homemade eatery times and then went to a souvenir shop nearby. We bought some magnets and when I was paying for the items, I put my coffee cup down to take out my wallet to pay for the items. and the two ladies attending the cash register said that the coffee smells really good and one of the them said that even though she does not like coffee but the smell of my coffee was really great. After browsing some other stores, we ate some delicious locally made ice cream. I told my sister that we us have buggy ride; she was not that keen as she was more excited about going to the outlet all in a nearby town. But I persuaded her to take the buggy ride as it was something different in the U.S., she relented and we bought tickets for the ride, we actually got a discount on the bigger duration ride. We started our journey on the buggy and went through open spaces and farmlands of Lancaster country full of corn crops as more buggies passed us by with some of their occupants waving at us. After the buggy ride, we decided to go to the outlet mall called tanger® outlets which are all over the United States. After browsing some stores, we started to drive back home and were able to reach home without any traffic.

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