Sunday, October 22, 2017

Your call may be recorded for quality purposes

If you live in the United States and call the toll free number, you might of I should say definitely heard this on the phone before being connected to a real person. This phrase, I have been hearing for a long time and without saying yes or no I just wait to get connected to a real person and a while ago I started thinking that what kind of quality purpose the companies want to train their employees on and it hit me that it was more for their own legal protection duh! So dumb not to figure it out before. The companies want to record not for quality purposes but in case something goes wrong, they will have your call recording as evidence in the courts. This message is so prevalent that you cannot get pass through it and there is no choice of either opting out or opting in. you have to listen to it in order to talk to the company representative. I may be wrong about it but very few recordings are done for quality purposes and most are done for evidence as explained above. Since presenting evidence is so crucial in court cases nowadays that even your voice can be us used to incriminate you in case you deny that you did not call or it was not you. I wonder how long your conversation is kept on file of the companies but this what we have all to deal with in this age and time.

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