Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Removal of the Prime Minister of Pakistan

As another Prime Minister of Pakistan has been removed from office one year before his completion of this five year tenure due to corruption, another tumultuous set of events have fallen this unfortunate country, as it is again mire in crises. The country is fine as is but the people funning it have ruined it to the ground. Corruption has been the main sourced of problem and has dodged every government for the last forty years or so. The powerful military has government this c country for nearly half of its seventy years of existence and the rest has been pulling strings of the civilian government who have to constantly look behind their shoulders to make sure they are not overthrown by them. And now is not the time for another Martial law, as the Supreme Court has taken the upper hand to see to it that the Prime ministers do not stay in office to complete their term of five years. As people of Pakistan who were sick and tired of hearing the everyday stories of the corrupt elites of the country, this is welcome relief to them, but plunges the country into uncertainty as the opposition is not without corrupt members in them. As the ruling party whose ministers all stand disqualified not struggle to make sense of what has happened to them, the foreign investors will be taking a nervous look at the uncertain future and Western powers look increasingly concerned for the future of this nuclear armed country.

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