Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Statue controversy

In the wake of all the racism and injustices that has been going on in the United States, a favorite target has become the statue of different historical figures erected about several cities in the U.S. which are supposedly considered controversial or symbolizes the hatred that statue elicit or that person have done in the past. Due to this controversy, a case pending to demolish the statue of the Confederate Civil war leader Robert Lee erected in the town of Charlottesville, Virginia created quite violent showdown when a march by alt right white extremist group decided to protest the pending removal and march in the town. Obviously when passions are so much high, there is bound to be violence despite some calmer heads caller for restraint. In the wake of this controversial march, New York City also decided to look into the Christopher Columbus statue and other ones erected about the city. As this was not enough, some people decided that instead of celebrating Christopher Columbus day, they replaced it with indigenous people’s day. There has also been vandalism to the statues also. And naturally resentment would not stay only on one side of the controversy, both side are equally passionate about making sure the public hears only one side of the story. My take is that if majority of the people decide that the statues are not what they want, then they should be removed but if some of the people want to preserve history, the statues are just harmless pieces of clay which should remain there and if somebody don’t like it then they should ignore it while walking past them. There is no need to have the kind of violence that everybody saw in Charlottesville, VA and thing like this can be resolved much peacefully and democratically.

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