Monday, February 19, 2018

Visit our website

If you have heard the above phrase, you will know what I am talking about. Every time a business advertises themselves to the public, they always mention this in order for the public to visit it and see the full array of information they have. Since advertising is very expensive and only last a few seconds, it is essential that the business has a website that potential customers can go to see what kind of business they have and what products they are selling. Even small businesses need to have a website and for me it is really frustrating when I cannot visit a website of a business or the business does not have a website. Although right now nothing seems local anymore as business need to a website because you never know where the business will come from and being local is like you are limiting yourselves to a small geographical area and hindering your potential to increase your revenue.
And when business say that visit their website, they are all assuming that you have either have access to a computer or you do have a cell phone to view their website. Even now I really see some businesses not wanting to have a website because either they believe it is a waste of money which is not and it is not even that expensive or they believe that they are local to an area and don’t want to bother with increased revenue from outside their sphere of their presence. I don’t have an insight into the mindset of these individuals but what they are doing is not reaching their full potential of revenue which they can achieve by have a rudimentary website.

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