Sunday, February 11, 2018

Racism is alive and well and not going anywhere

I have written extensively (accordingly in my blog) about racism from different perspective. And with the election of the New U.S. President, racism has gone into overdrive and sometimes it is openly preached only to be pushed back by forces that are against it. A few years back, the U.S. was celebrating the election of the first Black President and now it seems we are back to square one as increasing incidents of racism are being witnessed, although people are trying to fight back as much as they can. In this age of technology, racism has a new face in the form of internet where you can post anonymously any sort of racist thoughts and images without the fear of public backlash. This form of racism is becoming more prevalent and increasingly abusive with only your fingers to fight back. Although people do call out the racist person but with so much anonymity afforded by the internet, it is hard to imagine that this will ever stop.
Although people who are faced with racist taunts and slurs try to fight back along with their supporters as much as possible and in whatever way they can, the only that I can see is to ignore them completely. Although I understand it is hard to do ignore and the urge to fight back is human nature but that is all these racist people need is to make their target angry and agitated and then their purpose is complete. If you ignore them long enough, their purpose will be defeated. Although it is not a clear cut solution as some of the racists can get infuriated at being ignored, but on the internet instead of launching into a back and forth tirade against racist trolls, it is best to ignore them outright and move on.
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