Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cyber Bulling

I have also written about bullying and as with racism on the internet, cyber bullying is also increasingly become common resulting in some teen suicides. Sometimes the bullying which is being done in the physical world is carried onto the world wide web and sometimes it becomes so vicious that some of the victims either shut down their social media links or had have enough to the point that they commit suicide. The anonymity and sometimes not on the internet is so powerful that unless you become emotionless, very few people can ignore it and commit suicide and then the stories come out that how they were bullied and could not take it anymore. Even if you inform the police, I don’t think they can do anything about it as no physical crime has been done, although I believe words can be as powerful as any physical weapon in hurting people.
Although bullying will never cease to exist but parents can do help their kids navigate through this sorry part of their lives as they can monitor their kids online activities and also keep track of any behavior that is out of the ordinary that may signal that the child is being bullied. Also reassuring the kids that the bullies are not going to harm them as long as they ignore their online taunts and be strong in every sense of the word. In case of this does not stop, the parents can approach their school and organize likeminded parents in stopping this cycle of bullying. I am sure different circumstances will demand different approach but there are ways to fight cyber bullying, you just have to be persistent in not giving in to their empty threats and taunts.
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