Sunday, February 18, 2018

I am not a vegan

Although I don’t classify myself as a meat eater always but I am not vegan either, you can say I am a hybrid type of guy who likes to have a mix of both vegetables and meat but mostly meat you can say. I don’t know where my dislike or hatred of certain vegetables came by but I know this that my parents tried to push me into the vegan world but did not force me to eat against my will. I really tried to eat some of the vegetable but the sight of the food presented to me was not to my liking and I don’t want to gross you out with what I thought they looked like but my taste bud never developed enough to enjoy vegetables regardless of how healthy and nutritious they are. Even the most delicious food made of vegetables would not convince me that I should taste it as my dislikeness of vegetables will hinder me to even take a bite of it.
Now that is not to say that I abhor all vegetables. I like how my wife makes okra (also called Ladies finger in many English speaking countries), although I eat it but it is not that I feel excited but I can stomach it and I can also vouch for spinach and also vegetable soup or vegetables chips but try to entice me with eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and I am ready to throw up or walk away from the table. But it does not mean I will not carrot or cucumber as they are my favorites. And this habit of mine just makes my life difficult when I am not at home as my choice of food shrinks while on vacation as vegetables are available plentiful but not meat (not the kind I want) but fish can be a very handy in such situations. So there you have it, I can be flexible on certain vegetables but not all of them but for the most part I will prefer my meat any day over vegetables.

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