Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Florida high School Massacre

Recently a deranged and out of mind ex student went on a killing rampage and instead of shooting himself after killing 17 kids, decided to join the escaping exodus and then went to some store before being caught mercifully an hour later. As the news of the suspect trickles in, some major issues have been raised, like how was he able to get a high powered rifle, why was he not flagged even when alerted to authorities, the latest one is why an armed security guard stood outside the building for four minutes out of six minutes why the shooting was happening. How was he able to get into school without getting noticed and also why was he in the school grounds when he was expelled and was not a student there? When we get all the answers, it still would not answer the main question, what triggered him to kill 17 kids without any emotions and regret?
Although this tragic loss of life will never ever be erased, some of the issues which has come forefront is the safety and security of schools and the supremely divisive issue of gun control. Every day there have been demonstrations about the above two mentioned issues which I will deal with later in our other posts. Suffice to say now is that hopefully there will be less instances of school massacres in the future (please note that I am mentioning less instances which means I believe there can be more until there are no guns available anywhere in the U.S. but that is a fantasy for now) but my sincere condolences to all the parents and loved ones who saw the dead bodies of their irreplaceable sons and daughters who were there joy in life tragically taken away at so young an age by a reckless and remorseless individual.

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